Thursday, December 11, 2014

7 DIY Table Runner Ideas

With the new year upon us, I look forward to sprucing up my home more than ever. A couple of years ago I decided to paint my kitchen table with a fresh coat of white paint to give it a new life. Now that the tabletop is freshly painted (and not freshly scratched and dinged), I have been eyeing easy diy table runner ideas to add an element of interest and texture to my tabletop. Not only is this a fun way to add another layer of design to your table, it can also be a great way to camouflage a scratched surface if painting a table just isn't in the cards this year.

Here are 7 of my favorite table runner ideas for adding a touch of beauty to your kitchen or dining table.

Add a Tasseled Fabric Runner

If you know me, you know I love anything that involves a yarn or tassel. You can find loads of fabric to work with at Goodwill from tablecloths to sheets that don't cost a lot. Repurpose this fabric into a simple table runner and add a beautiful yarn tassel detail to each end to add that handmade touch that I love to embrace in my home. You can get the scoop on this simple tasseled runner on Makers Society

Add a Touch of Ombre

I am mad for ombre projects and all of my favorite fancy shops carry beautiful dip-dyed napkins and runners for your table. Have you tried fabric dying before? I did my first fabric dying project when I restored an old pair of jeans and was shocked just how easy it is. With this technique you need some fabric dye, water, and a spray bottle. Hunt for a basic white sheet, tablecloth, or napkins you can use to add a touch of ombre to your decor. This easy dip-dying tutorial from Handmade Mood is a great one to help you figure out some great strategies for achieving these beautiful hues. 

Add a Bit of Whimsy 

I love home projects that are whimsical particularly if the whimsy matches the homeowner. Lovely Indeed offers this cute tutorial for creating a polka dotted table runner in my favorite metallic shade. The great thing about this tutorial is that you can make this table runner really speak to you and your own personality choosing a shape or silhouette that really matches your style. In my home, I would be cutting out owls or foxes as a nod to my love for woodland creatures. You could also go geometric and modern with triangles or arrows. Adding touches like this to your home makes people say, "Oh, this house is just SO YOU!"

Add a No-Sew Frill

I love burlap projects especially when those projects do not involve sewing. Did you not know that I am a sewing school dropout? I really am!  That is why I love this fun table runner from Liz Marie created for burlap. The ruffled detail on the edge adds a feminine touch to your table while still remaining beautifully neutral. What a clever way to disguise a scratched surface without a lot of effort!

Add a Little Lace

I am such a fan of beautiful lace doilies and am so inspired by this beautiful table runner made from a variety of lace doilies. I love little ongoing collections that take just a little bit of time and money to create a project and this would be such a fun collection to put together to create a beautiful table runner for your home. Check out this beautiful lace doily table runner created by Bayside Bride that just requires a bit of hand stitching to pull it all together. Isn't it beautiful?

Utilize a Drop Cloth for Styling

Drop cloth projects are perfect for a small budget and can be created into just about anything from table runners to beautiful curtains. Utilize this inexpensive fabric to create an adorable ruler table runner that adds that touch of whimsy I was talking about earlier, for a cute runner on a craft table, or as a fun addition to your back-to-school decor. Get the scoop on this fast & easy ruler table runner on Country Living

Add a Woven Detail

As I said before, I love burlap and I love playing with texture on a table. These two ideas are combined into one in this beautiful woven burlap runner on Fab You Bliss that you can create by weaving strips of burlap to create a woven detail to your table. Although this one requires sewing schools (boo for this poor sewing school dropout) it appears that you just need to piece this one together and then sew a simple straight line down the edge to bring it all together. How pretty is that?

I hope these ideas inspire you to dress up a table with Goodwill materials or breathe new life into a Goodwill table you cherish! What are some of your favorite ways to create a DIY table runner? Leave your ideas in the comments below! 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Holiday Glitz Fashion Show in Warsaw this Weekend!

We would love to have you join us for a HOLIDAY GLITZ Fashion Show at the Warsaw Goodwill Store.  Our fashion Guru, Kathy Friend will show you some creative ways to use Goodwill finds to meet all of your wardrobe needs this holiday season.

Fashion Show starts at 11am! 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Models Wanted for Holiday Fashion Show!

We are looking for models again!

On Saturday, December 13, we will be hosting a

We are looking for ladies that are at least
18 years of age...
all sizes and shapes! 

Please send your contact information along with a recent photo to 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

DIY Holiday Mantel Decorating Ideas

I can't believe that the holidays are upon us and, if you are anything like me, the house is just begging you to decorate it for the season. I love beautiful holiday decorations, but I prefer simplicity, affordability, and smart investments that can be used over and over again. In our house, for example, we are decking it out with my favorite burlap wreath and my handmade yarn trees and we are even buying our first REAL Christmas tree this year (which I am awfully excited about).

I love to make handmade items that we can pull out from year to year so that is why I am excited to showcase some DIY Holiday Mantel Decorating Ideas from some of my favorite DIY bloggers. Of course, I am going to weave in some great deals found at Goodwill this holiday season too to round these mantels out.

Add a Little Typography

I am a big fan of typography and the roots of that just might come from being married to a web designer. I love this LET IT SNOW banner from The Proper Pinwheel that you can create with just a little cardstock and some scissors. To help balance out the piece, consider adding a mirror or scrap paper covered books from Goodwill to round out the mantels. I happen to love these little silhouettes too that would be beautiful in spray painted white frames to match.

Embrace a Scandinavian Theme

There is something so sweetly simple about red and white paired together and there are so many fun elements that could be added from your local Goodwill store in this Scandinavian Red & White Mantel. From spray painted candlestick holders and accessories, to vintage ice skates, to a simple red painted door, to stockings made from sweaters...there is just so much to love about this one created by Tatertots & Jello. The addition of paper garlands and pom-poms add those perfect homemade touches.

Light It Up With Snow Globes

Even as a grown-up, I find snow globes just as beautiful and magical as I did when I was a kid. I am also a big fan of terrariums so I really love this idea of pairing the two and creating a Snow Globe Terrarium to light up your mantle. This inexpensive idea adds a lot of holiday magic and would be a fantastic craft to create with a few of your favorite holiday helpers. Check Goodwill's houseware selections for jars to keep it budget-friendly thanks to this fun idea for Pink Pistachio!

Embrace Mixed Metallics

If there is one thing I love this year it is metallics and mixing them together. Luckily, it is easy to gussy up a vase or add a touch of paint to sticks from the backyard thanks to the metallic spray paints on the market. I love this mixed metallic mantel from Centsational Girl because it is so elegant and also looks very easy to achieve with a little spray paint or even glitter tape (as Kate did)  from your craft tool arsenal. How easy is this?

Add a Traditional Garland

Pre-made garlands can be expensive and may not have the color scheme you are after. I love a traditional mantel with evergreen garland and this tutorial recreates the Pottery Barn style at a fraction of the cost. Between Naps on the Porch illustrates one struggle that I have had with ordering garlands from PB...the length just isn't there. You have to buy many to achieve the length you need for a decorated porch or mantel. Making these yourself gives you the flexibility to create your own desired length and add in the perfect colors to bring it all together. The best part is that you can use these year after year!

Add Chalkboard & Marquee Details

I am such a big fan of chalkboard paint and almost anything at Goodwill can be transformed into a DIY chalkboard from photo frames to mirrors to cupboard doors. I love the idea of mixing and matching words in front of your DIY chalkboard for an elegant holiday mantel! The Crafted Sparrow shows off her style with a handmade MERRY marquee that she whipped up. Consider hunting the store for a basket for snowballs and for boxes or luggage to round out a corner.

Keep It Natural

As I get older, I appreciate more a simple touch provided by nature instead of fake greenery that requires packing and storing for the season. I love this simple mini wreath garland from the merry thought that you can create to decorate a mantel created from a little pine and adding berries, pine cones, and sticks from your backyard. This mantel isn't fussy and relies on all the beautiful things that nature provides to achieve a simple & clean modern look.

What are your favorite ways to decorate your mantel for the holidays?

Monday, November 10, 2014

DIY Jewelry Organizer

One of the things I seem to struggle with is wearing all of the great accessories I've collected over the years.  It seems I always wear the same few pieces...because I can see them, they are on top of the pile (know what I mean?).

The notion of being able to see all of my jewelry coupled with a good storage option has been something I've been frustrated with for a long time.  I've tried hanging everything on a necklace tree, I purchased a piece of furniture that held my jewelry, I even invested in stack-able trays thinking that was the ticket to storing all of my jewelry pieces.

None of those things worked.

When a modern mom has a problem like this, what does she do?  She turns to Pinterest of course!  I saw some DIY jewelry organizers that I thought might work, so I decided to make my own.  And I must say, it is working very well!  The best thing about this DIY project is you don't have to be crafty or own a bunch of tools to have a great looking final product.


First, head to your local Goodwill store and find a picture frame that you love.  It doesn't matter what is inside (what the picture is), just look for a decorative frame (or maybe something simple) that will match your decor. The best frames for this project will be large bulky frames.  Look for something that is made of wood  and that is at least 1 1/2" thick. I found 3 frames to use for this project.  Two smaller frames (about 8x10), and one larger frame (about 24x30).  I will use the smaller one for bracelets and earrings, and the larger one for necklaces.

The second step is to head to a craft store or hardware store.  I stopped by a hardware store and purchased $14 worth of supplies.  They include:
  1. A variety of small 'S' hooks
  2. A roll of chicken wire (sometimes called Hardware Cloth)
  3. Some heavy duty thumb tacks
Prepare the picture frame by removing all of the backing.

Next, measure how much of the Chicken Wire you will need to cut to fit the frame.  I cut the piece to fit the back of the frame, leaving about 1/4" border. Using wire cutters (mine are technically floral cutters), trim a piece of the Chicken Wire to fit the back of your frame.


Affix the backing using a hammer and the large thumb tacks.  Next, using the 'S' hooks, plan how you will organize your jewelry pieces on the frame. It is OK if the chicken wire is a little loose, or not flat.  If the wire is flat against the wall, it will make it harder to hang the 's' hooks.

I didn't finish the edges of mine, but I think I might add some heavy duty tape (like packing tape) to the edges on the back of the frame. This will help secure the wire to the frame, and protect the wall from the raw edges of the wire.

Step 5

The last step is to nail your jewelry organizer to the wall.  I used 2 basic picture hanging nails. Enjoy seeing all of your jewelry pieces neatly organized!  And the best part, it takes up unused wall space in your closet! BONUS!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Autumn / Winter Trends for Kids

Fashion and kids seem to be 2 words that (when said together) add a lot of stress to the family budget. As a Mom of a pre-teen, I will admit the ever-changing likes and dislikes of my daughter could easily break the bank. On the other hand, I want her to embrace her own sense of style.  We all know when we wear something that we know looks great on us, we feel better on the inside.  That is the feeling I desperately want my daughter to have every feel confident and not be concerned about her clothing.

Being trendy is very important to our kids.  Even if they don't know the word "trendy" they do know there are certain things they will wear, and things they won't wear. Kids get much of their sense of style (and dare I say taste) from us... what they see us wear and the clothing expectations within our families.  As our kiddos grow up (sniff sniff), their sense of style comes from peers. I can't tell you how many times my daughter has told me "but all the girls are wearing that to school".  Can you relate?

Knowing the trends, you will be one step ahead of the wardrobe struggle in your home.   Here are some of this season's top trends for kids:

The hot colors for boys clothing this season are similar to the hot color trends in all fashion.  You are going to be seeing a lot of Royal Blue and  Orange.  The color trends are big and bold for boys with daring color combinations, and seemingly mismatched hues.
TIP: Not sure what colors work together?  Look at a color wheel.  Colors that are next to each other, or across from each other work together. Colors that are across from one another complement each other. Colors that are next to each other match.  More details about how to match colors can be found HERE.

SHOPPING TIP:  When I shop at Goodwill for the latest trends, I quickly glance down the racks for the hot colors.  Once I find a piece that is in the color I am searching for, I look for another piece (jacket, sweater for example) that will work with it.  Again, start with a color search.
The pieces boys are going to be hunting for this season are:
  • Jeans
  • Plaid
  • graphic t-shirts
Lumberjack plaid is a hot trend across the board. This pattern has an innate boyish feel.

The graphic t-shirts this season fall into 2 categories.  They either have a vintage feel (like the one on left) or they have a whimsical kitschy feel (like the ones on the right). 
In girls fashion, the color trends are a bit softer than with the boys. A hot color combination is harvest gold and royal blue.  Other trendy colors are pastels. Notice that the trendy colors are anything but 'fall-ish'!
SHOPPING TIP: Some of the girls trends this season have a boy-ish feel.  Don't discount looking in the boys section.

Girls clothing this season has a distinct dressed-up casual feel.  Hot pieces for girls this season are:
  • Skater skirts (circle skirts)
  • Lumberjack Plaid
  • 50's inspired (or Western) floral 
DIY TIP: If you are crafty, try this DIY circle skirt.  Find a great plaid skirt at Goodwill and make your daughter an adorable skirt!  
Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you be the coolest Mom on the block. I would love to hear how you are letting your kids show their style personalities this season, and what you have found at your local Goodwill store. Post comments and pics here, or use hash-tag #GoodwillMichianaFallFashion on Pinterest and Instagram!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Fun Ways to Dress Up Boots for Fall

As soon as the temperatures start dipping, I know it is almost my favorite footwear season... boot season, friends!  There is nothing cozier than a warm pair of boots and this season, embellished boots and boot toppers are all the rage for making your boots feel fresh again. Whether you score your boots at Goodwill or if you find the perfect pair elsewhere, I have some fun and creative ideas for making a tired pair of boots feel like new again with these 7 tutorials for fun ways to dress up your boots.

Add Some Fringe

Fringe boots are quite popular this year, but buying fringe boots might be out of your boot budget. Instead of buying a bootie for a passing trend, check out these DIY Fringe Shoe Clips from Clones N Clowns made from a simple shoe clip and a little leather or faux leather (depending on your budget). These look like they are part of the bootie, but are removeable. I love these not only for how customized these look, but also for how much space you can save by not buying multiple pairs of boots for one trend.

Make No-Sew Sweater Boots

If last season's boots are looking tired or if you find a pair of UGG boots at Goodwill (which I REALLY have, if you can believe it!) adding a beautiful sweater detail can be a great way to refresh them for another season.

Since this blogger does not sew, I really love this fun no-sew sweater cuff that you can create from la vie DIY that can hide any imperfections in your boots. The button detail could also be created with brooches, pins, or earrings that you find in the store! 

Add Embellished Boot socks

If there is one thing that you can find at Goodwill in these Fall & Winter months, it is definitely loads of cozy sweaters.  This fun tutorial from My Sister's Suitcase showcases adorable embellished boot socks you can create from old sweater sleeves.

The picture highlighted here showcases a fun striped sweater sleeve embellished with a ruffled ribbon detail, perfect for a little trick-or-treat fun for Halloween!

Add a Knitted Detail

I can't sew, but I can knit so this past Fall, I created these easy knitted boot cuffs out of chunky yarn and big needles. Thanks to the needle size and yarn, this is a fast and easy two hour knit project.

I highly recommend this project for someone who is just learning to knit in the round or as a first-time cabling project. I promise that cabling looks far more complex than it really is and this is such a fun project to master the art of cabling since it is so small and quick!

I gave these beauties away to my best friend and have promised a few pairs for myself this year when I get back to knitting again this winter!

Add Faux Fur

Not only is fringe in this season, but faux fur seems to be enjoying its time in the Fall spotlight too. I love a beautiful fur detail and these faux fur boot cuffs can transform a tired pair of boots into something new and on-trend. 

Clones N Clowns strikes again with this adorable faux fur addition to her boots. Be sure to scroll down all the way through the pictures to see how she adds this same adorable detail to a pair of Converse sneakers. Say what?! Awesome! 

Add A Legwarmer Layer

Many tutorials showcase how you can use the top of a sweater sleeve to create a boot cuff, but why stop there? With Indiana winters, I love an extra layer around my legs so consider using that whole sleeve off a Goodwill sweater as legwarmers to add warmth in these colder temperatures. 

I love to look for sweaters with lots of details like striping, as pictured here, polka dots, or ones with interesting cables. You can get the whole scoop on these DIY legwarmers made from a sweater on Petit Elefant

Add a Little Lace

My favorite trends are always the very feminine ones and you can't get more feminine than a little lace. That is why I absolutely love these boot cuffs made from lace doilies for a fast and fun DIY boot cuff project. These "pretend frilly socks" from Blah Blah Magazine are fast to create and can be embellished with a beautiful button to finish. 

What are some fun ways you dress up your boots for Fall? Feel free to leave your ideas in the comments section below!